What does a Yakima Rooftop Cargo Box


Yakima makes a series of racks and cargo boxes for outdoor sports and travel use. The adventurer is one of the biggest offers in the company’s cargo box. Like all Yakima luggage rack products, it is made to be modular and fit into the crossbars of the vehicle with a minimum of tools. You need an assistant to help lift the adventurer and the roof of the vehicle.When packing the adventurer, try to pack your bags symmetrically and this Yakima rooftop cargo box will do the magic!Open the restrictions of cross bars on the roof rack and push them at a distance of no less than 23 5/8 inches. If possible, push them to the widest distance that can accommodate the Adventurer.

Turn the “Quick Grip” handle to open the loading box and empty all contents. Close the box, block the fast Grip and have the assistant lift help the adventurer and on the roof bars.Align the supports under the adventurer to the crossbars. When possible, mount the box further to the rear of the vehicle to minimize wind resistance.There are a number of factors that we must keep in mind when choosing a roof bar or another.

The vehicle:

Does it have a reinforced roof? What kind of car is it? Does it incorporate integrated bars or railing on the roof?

The frequency with which we will use them:

we will not opt for the same bars if we only want them for a couple of weekends a year or if we are going to use them continuously because some products are easier to install than others depending on if they are to always leave or if they will be removable.

Luggage carrier in Yakima rooftop cargo box:

Maximum load:

the price of the bar is higher as the weight it can support increases. If we only want to transport something light, it is not worth spending more.

Fixing systems:

depending on the car we have, we must observe where and how the luggage rack bars should be anchored. The anchor kit is basic. Some vehicles have them on the edges of the roof, just above the windows, and others have specially designed points to fix them.With regard to the materials with which the luggage rails are built, we can find two types: steel and aluminum.

Steel bars:

they are, in general, cheaper, but much heavier and tend to present with more straight designs, so they are less aerodynamic and noisier. They can be an interesting option when they are only used occasionally.

Aluminum bars:

they are lighter, rounded and aerodynamic, but also noticeably more expensive. Aesthetically they are much more beautiful, they can even be sporty, and without giving up the resistance offered by steel. They are recommended for those who want to leave installed all year. Elastic cords may also be useful.Happily, the Yakima rooftop cargo box presents all this.