What does a Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Box Has?


The most important thing to look for when buying them is the strength of the anchors because they are the ones that support all the weight and must resist the force of inertia in braking, curves, and accelerations.The car roof chests, also known as luggage racks, are a perfect alternative when the space of the vehicle is scarce for the entire luggage that we want to carry. These cases occur especially when it is time for summer holidays or when we make trips to the mountains, in which winter clothing and sports equipment cannot be missed

Today the variety of chests is almost unlimited, finding trunks of virtually any capacity and size, design or color.All the roof chests are universal, based on this basis what we have to keep in mind is the budget that we manage and the capacity that we believe is necessary. So, looking at these aspects, we can only decide on the model and color that we like or that goes better with our car.

Waterproof rooftop cargo box:

At the time of choosing trunk box, it is important to choose between the three types that exist, if you want a roof box you can choose between “bag” roof or rigid chest (the most chosen option) or rear chest if you have a ball of towing in the vehicle.On the other hand and depending on our space needs we will need to think about the capacity of the chest, so rigid roof trunks have capacities ranging from 320 liters (small), 400-450 liters (medium) to 500-600 liters (big).

After choosing the capacity, attention should be paid to the measures of the chest, especially if we want to carry another component such as a bike rack, ski rack on the roof bars. Also for aesthetic reasons we can also be interested in the measures of the chests (if you want it does not protrude from the ceiling). In the descriptions of the chests are indicated the measurements, photos or videos for a better idea of brothels Barcelona the size and volume.

If we need a chest to transport our skis or snowboards, we will need to measure our boards to ensure that our sports equipment fits in the chest we select, so it also happens with golf carts, bows and other materials of our favorite sports. The measures that the manufacturers of chests offer are the external measures with which you must make sure that at least there is a difference of 5-6 centimeters between the measurement of your skis and what the outside of the box measures in order to be able to transport them with the maximum security and comfort.

Installation of luggage racks:

On the other hand, many chests also have the traditional shoulder set with knobs, the evolution of this shoulder is found in the Fast Fix de Cruz in which the shoulder is introduced by the bottom of the bar, but the fixation is made with just close a key and a lid that are inside the chest.Regarding the noise that roof chests will make, it is important to remember that any element that protrudes from the vehicle will resist the wind and therefore some noise; although it is important that the installation instructions of each manufacturer are followed to avoid noise Do not be the “normal” ones.