What is so special about SR01 wheels?


Before choosing the wheels for your car you should remember that the reason should be decided upfront.  You should know that there are many options for the wheels available in the market but when you are choosing the wheels then you should remember three things.  The design, the price, and also the reason.

What are the quality and design?

The wheel diameter of the esr wheels sr08 wheels made by ESR is coming in 17 18 and 19 inches diameter. They are coming in different qualities but the best quality is in the aluminum.  When you are talking about the color then you can get the color according to the car color you have and match that with the tire you have.  For example, you can get the wheels in the black color, and also the famous color they are introducing is Black Chrome.  The hyper silver, White, and bronze are other colors also. The good thing about these wheels is that they are having 10 spokes which can add beauty to the tire.

How expensive they will be

Different companies are selling the ESR Wheels on different dates but the average rate would go from $200 to $500 depends on the color and the design of the wheel and also the model. But in reality, you can get the ESR wheels with the same quality and design and also the colors like the other famous brands but not without having a burden on your pocket. For example, ESR 01 wheels are going to cost you on average 200 dollars but the same design and the color in other brands will go from a thousand Dollars to many more. So if you are not concerned about the famous brand but you are thinking about the good quality wheels for your car then this is the wheel category you should go for.