Weber and its GS4 upgrades


Weber has overhauled the grills’ market with its products in a very concise period. The brand has earned a name and reputation for itself through its upgrades coming in tier upon tier during its journey to the top. The latest upgrades have taken the market into confidence and have provided a sort of magnetism to its name which is attracting consumers every day in and out.

The latest upgrade was done in five major types of Weber products. The upgrades are sometimes viewed through Weber spirit vs. Genesis reviews as both of these are one of the leading products manufactured by Weber.

So what is Weber GS4 upgrade?

Weber has had a sound journey in its marketing and product value. Recently, Weber brought some major improvements to its products. The upgrades were strictly applied to Weber spirit along with Genesis models. These two were subjected to the innovation brought. There were five major upgrades brought:

  • Ignition System
  • Burners
  • Flavorizer Bars
  • Grease Management System
  • iGrill App

1) Ignition System

The electronic gauge and lights that you see at the front are the basic ignition system. It is one of the prerequisite systems of the product as nothing can be done without it. You cannot get into it unless you have utilized the ignition system. It has a control knob for each gas tube and burner. When the igniter or the knob is turned on, it directly generates the gas. It also sparks at being turned on.

2) Burners

Burners are the rods that are ignited through the ignition system and they provide the service by flaming up. Weber redesigned its burners for persistent and active heat. They are covered with a grill placed like a fly-over above it which stands for safety. In case, if you unconsciously put your hand on it, it will not burn your hand, however, your hand may get heated with the hot grill. Weber has insurance and safety policy, and it ensures the safety of the consumers as its priority.

3) Flavorizer Bars

They are used for the direction of the grease and also for the dripping away from the burners. They minimize the flare-ups of the drippings and grease. They also add “cooked on grills” factor to your food. They come along with two years warranty from Weber which in optimum life for bars.

4) Grease Management System

Weber has attached a waste tray to your product which takes all the drippings of the grease. The Grease management system takes the drippings directly to the channels which lead it to waste tray. For a better grilling experience, the grease management system is a blessing in disguise.

5) iGrill App

The 65 years of experience is piled upon with modern technology by Weber by developing an app to monitor your product. It provides quick access to your machine to view the heat rate, and timers.


These were the few major changes to the weber spirit vs genesis review in the past few years. These upgrades have added to the performance of the Weber and it caters to the demands of the consumers. The GS4 upgrade system makes Weber the leading brand when it comes to serving you in your grilling experience.