Tips For The Rooftop Cargo Box


The rooftop cargo box not only assumes a large amount of additional space but also means that you have to adapt the way you drive to the new conditions resulting from the increase in weight and height of the car.The luggage rails serve as support for any device that you want to add to the roof of the vehicle. Not all vehicles carry them as standard. Actually, it is normal that they are not included, but if the owner requests it they are assembled, both at the time of purchasing the vehicle and later.

The rooftop cargo box usually has an aerodynamic design with high strength aluminum, which allows the car to move with complete freedom and gives it a certain sporty feel. It is normal to find them in larger vehicles, such as 4 × 4, minivans, or family vehicles. The car will be more sensitive to side winds and noise could be generated due to the wind. The loaded chest causes a displacement of the center of gravity, which in turn results in changes in the behavior of the car in curves and when applying the brakes. The rooftop cargo box is a solution for traveling with lots of luggage is to equip your car with bars that allow you to fix external chests or trunks, ski racks or bike racks on the roof of your car. There is a wide range of pre-mounted and specific roof bars for each type of vehicle, whether tourism, saloon, sports, or van.

First, load the heavy objects as centered as possible to evenly distribute the weight of the load on the supports and the car. Take care so that the load does not hinder the closing of the cover to avoid a malfunction of the locking system. Observe the maximum load on the roof recommended by the car manufacturer. All pieces of luggage should be well secured to prevent them from moving.

How do I secure the cargo inside the rooftop cargo box:

  • The load placed inside the trunk box must be secured with straps and placed in the middle area of the trunk.
  • Any part of the load that protrudes, exceeding the length of the car in front or behind, must be marked in accordance with current regulations.

As advantages, how easy they are to be light, especially if you can store them with the built-in roof rack, those who go on roof racks could not tell you. They clean well mainly if you can use a hose. They close with your key, which reassures you somewhat when leaving the car parked. In short, a great invention for those who have to travel with diapers, travel costs, strollers, surfboards, and beach buckets … if you are only adults and you do not fit the luggage you may need another car. The latter I think is the best advice we can give you regarding the roof chests.The prices vary according to the trade, the material with which they are made, the guarantee offered, the existence or not of a technical after-sales service and the origin of the luggage rack.