Smart Way is one of the most promising commercial companies in the field of general trading. Founded in 2007, we import goods from different parts of the world, especially Turkey, Ukraine, Spain and Russia, and export them to the Arab region, especially Iraq, Syria, Jordan and we are looking forward to include our business in Libya and many Arab countries. Construction, agricultural and medical supplies, and cosmetics. The company also provides business consulting to all aspiring companies to enter the wider world of commerce or companies that wish to expand their business.

We are always looking to help our customers succeed in their business through our distinguished services and we are happy to have more customers and achieve more success


Import and Export


We export sunflower oil, pulses of all kinds, juices, sugar and jam of all kinds, dairy, cheese, chicken and egg meat

Medical Clamps

We work in the company SMART WAY to import modern medical equipment and equipment for hospitals and clinics and export to companies in several Arab countries

Structural Materials

We are in the export of construction iron, black construction cement, white cement, marble, ceramic and porcelain, home paint pigments, false roofing material or secondary ceilings


We import cosmetics from many countries such as cosmetics, skin creams, cosmetic eye lenses, and export to Arab countries

Agricultural inputs

We at SMART WAY provide many machines and equipment that help agricultural companies maintain and develop their agricultural business

Parquet and wood flooring

We rely on the best sources, providing quality and diverse choices for our customers to meet all customer requests

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